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Our Mission

Inform, Empower, Inspire

The Latino Business Report strives to be a reliable and trustworthy source of information presented in an entertaining way that empowers listeners to make informed decisions to improve their lives.

our objective

Produced With Our Community In Mind

Our objective is to help listeners build a better future by providing access to resources and stories that reflect Hispanic culture and experiences. Through our content, we strive to create an online community of Latinos and Latinas who are empowered to lead, grow, and succeed.

About the Latino Business Report

A Platform for Empowerment and Expression

The Latino Business Report, hosted by J.R. Gonzales, is your go-to source for interesting content and perspectives on businesses, people, and issues that shape our community. Tune in for engaging conversations with industry experts, entrepreneurs, policy leaders, lawmakers, and entertainers. Each episode provides reliable information in an exciting format that will capture your attention and impact your point of view. Join the conversation by listening to the Latino Business Report for an informative and stimulating experience.

About the Latino Business Report

Making Waves to Make a Difference

As a highly regarded figure in the Hispanic business world, J.R. Gonzales uses his professional experience and unyielding passion to be a voice and advocate for issues affecting the Hispanic community. His engaging presence and charisma make him the perfect host for the Latino Business Report. At the age of 26, Gonzales started his first venture from a kitchen table and launched his second business two years later. His expertise and insight have earned him numerous speaking engagements across America, Canada, Mexico, and China. Despite his busy life, Gonzales still takes time to motivate, train, and mentor the next generation of Latino and Latina Leaders.

A background of community service

A Respected Latino Business and Community Leader

J.R. Gonzales is not only a pioneer of the Hispanic business world, but he is also a fierce advocate for the Latino community.

How It All Started

At the age of 26, J.R. Gonzales launched his first business—an advertising agency—from his kitchen table. In just over a year it generated revenue of over half a million dollars (today's equivalent of over 1.3 million dollars). Today, Gonzales is a well-respected member of the Latino community and an experienced business leader, with extensive expertise spanning communication consulting, marketing, leadership training, political strategy, public speaking, and community outreach.


Gonzales is a highly regarded expert on the growth of Hispanic businesses and their markets. He has been sought out by major media outlets such as CNN Financial, NPR, CBS Public Eye, PBS, The Washington Times, Hispanic Business, Hispanic, and Texas Standard as a trusted source for his insights.

With experience consulting for Fortune 500 corporations, universities, state agencies, and non-profits, Gonzales is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand and succeed in the Hispanic business market.


For over three decades, J.R. Gonzales has been a passionate advocate for Latino and minority-owned businesses. His leadership at the local, state, and national levels has earned him a stellar reputation.

Gonzales is a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker and Organizational Development Trainer, and his commitment to empowering minority businesses and individuals is unparalleled.

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J.R.’s blog offers a behind-the-scenes look at businesses, offering insights from successful entrepreneurs and an extra dose of motivation to help you succeed in your career journey. Get informed today with all the latest news–it’s sure to make a difference for your goals!

Assistant Producer

Making The Magic Happen

As a graduate student, Cortland Treon did his internship at TAMACC where he worked with the Latino Business Report. His contributions and skillsets to the podcast were invaluable in the continuing development of this young podcast. Upon completion of this internship in 2022, Cortland was offered a part-time position as the Assistant Producer of the podcast.

Cortland graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He is currently working towards his master’s in Business Administration.


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